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TNDP Looking for Fall Interns

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The Tennessee Democratic Party is looking for enthusiastic, politically minded student leaders for our 2011 Fall Internship Program.

The TNDP internship is a great place to start a career in politics. Take it from Andrew Daly, a former TNDP intern, who worked as a campaign manager in the 2010 midterm elections.

“The people of TNDP encouraged my dreams, expanded my knowledge, and inspired me to excel. I will forever be grateful for the faith they placed in me as an intern, and I will forever look on my time with the people of TNDP as the impetus for everything good that has happened to me in politics.”
- Andrew Daly, TNDP Intern alum

This is a unique opportunity for hard-working, passionate student leaders to gain real life, hands-on experience in Tennessee politics, strengthen their understanding of the political process and prepare for future political opportunities. It’s also a great way to form lasting connections and memories.

The Tennessee Democratic Party offers internships in the following departments:Communications, Field Work, Finance, Operations, and Data Management.  The Tennessee Democratic Party is also seeking interns with expertise in graphic design, web development and digital video editing.

Students wishing to obtain course credit should contact their respective college or university to determine whether credit is possible and what requirements are necessary.  Students are responsible for submitting all paperwork and fulfilling all school requirements.  All internships with the TNDP are unpaid.

If you know a high school, college student or a recent graduate, please share this email with them.

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Contact Elizabeth Crews at (615) 327-9779 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help in giving talented young Tennesseans the chance to realize their dreams and make a difference for their communities.

Apply for a Summer Internship with the TNDP

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Young people in Tennessee have never had less of a voice at our state capitol.

At a time when 1 out of 6 young people are out of work, Republicans have turned a deaf ear to their concerns by cutting investments in education, college and the economy.

Now is the time for a new generation of Tennesseans to step up and lead.

The Tennessee Democratic Party is looking for young people to join our summer TNDP Student Internship Program. Help us fill our program by sharing this link with someone who may be interested:

Online Application: Click Here

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This summer the TNDP will begin training the next generation of political leaders — people who will make a difference by helping to elect strong candidates and strengthen our democracy in communities throughout Tennessee.

The TNDP Student Internship Program provides students of all levels and recent graduates an opportunity to play a hands-on role in politics.

TNDP Summer Interns will gain political leadership experience in areas such as grassroots organizing, fundraising, data management and campaign communications. Former TNDP interns have gone on to work on political campaigns, for government and have run for public office.

We’re looking for individuals who are ready to build the framework to turn Tennessee blue in 2012 and elect leaders who stand up for students entering the work force.

We have began interviewing for the program and space is limited. So don’t wait to contact us if you are interested in applying or know a student who would be perfect.

We are looking for interns who will commit to 20-40 hour/week. Please contact Kate Dobbins at (615) 327-9779 or by email at if you have questions.